10 (9) tips for a cosier bedroom

“That’s why her hair is so big. It’s full of secrets.” (Mean Girls fans please.)

Despite having recently, technically graduated from being aΒ student (it greatly saddens me that I no longer get my 10% student discount in Topshop) I do in fact still feel like a student. As opposed to coming back home every other weekend to doΒ my washing and eat some nutritious food though, I’m rather enjoying living in a heated house and not walking around in complete darkness every evening. Even though living at home has some serious benefits, sometimes you do just need a cosy room to chill out in. So here is a list of ideas to make your bedroom cosy and cute. Continue reading “10 (9) tips for a cosier bedroom”


A Wild Friday Evening

Being the absolutely crazy couple that we are, for me and Matt, a perfectly good Friday evening normally consists of having dinner (when it’s my turn to cook this means buying Chinese ready meals from Morrisons), watching a nice film (or Corrie – soz Matt) whilst drinking tea, and then going to bed at a very reasonable time – 9pm. So last night, we decided to go out for dinner! – Mental I know.Β  Continue reading “A Wild Friday Evening”

New Year, New Plan

‘Just be better.’ That was Matts response when I asked him if he was going to make any New Years resolutions. Maybe it’s a little vague, but resolutions generally tend to be vague. Mine normally consist of things like ‘lose weight’ or ‘don’t buy any clothes’. Unrealistic and pointless. Let’s forget about those very unoriginal, impossible-to-keep resolutions this year.

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Our Christmas Tradition

When I think back to being a child and not being able toΒ sleep the night before Christmas because of overwhelming excitement (and because I tried going to sleep at 7pm so it would be Christmas day sooner), I realise that things haven’t really changed all that much. Maybe I’m excited for different reasons (nah the presents are still all that matter), but I refuse to believe that as you get older Christmas gets less exciting – although maybe it does for my mum who frantically tidies (unnecessarily in my opinion), and my dad who prepares vegetables the day before, to then start cooking everything else at 8am on Christmas morning.

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Climbing for the first time

I first went climbing (I’m actually referring to ‘bouldering’ throughout this whole thing, but I’m just going to continue using ‘climbing’) in Germany, 5 months ago. I had been wanting to try it for ages as my older brother goes quite a lot and had told me all the benefits. There is a running joke among my brothers that I’m very weak (it’s true I am very weak), and so they thought climbing would be a good hobby for me to build a bit of upper body strength (I know it’s not all about upper body strength, and there’s the core part etc etc, but up until this point I literally only trained my legs, so anything other than doing leg extensions at the gym was a good change in workout for me).

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